The Pinnacle Healthcare Consortium (PHC) is composed of a group of International Development Practitioners who have a proven track record implementing a wide range of infrastructure improvement programs.

The PHC consists of Pinnacle Healthcare, LifeQuest World Fund, Arden Primary Care, CapraCare Inc., a Haitian organization that has been developing school health programs. The combination of these partners provides PHC with the ability to successfully drive forward change in Haiti. Key components of Haiti’s recovery and sustained growth thereafter is the building of human capital, improvement in healthcare delivery and having a stable food supply, in a sanitary environment to maintain suitable health standards.

Our approach is to focus first on the one million inhabitants of the Nord Department. Re-energising the port city of Cap-Haitien will encourage the reallocation of current resource utilisation from the south to stimulate nationwide growth. This will provide a stable platform for a truly integrated program that will target these eight objectives:

  1. Waste Management
  2. Sustainable clean water supply  
  3. Healthcare provision (primary to tertiary care)
  4. Youth development and training
  5. Economic stimulus packages (including export industry creation)
  6. Recycling facilities, with electricity generation
  7. Sustainable renewable energy
  8. Healthcare IT (enabling international financial remittances to support the system)

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